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Salesforce kid refers to salesforce beginners who want to build their career in Salesforce. But due to no coding background, less experience or no experience but want to learn salesforce from very basics to advance level to compete with the world.

This platform not only guide you for learning the salesforce development from a very basic level but also it will help you to understand salesforce development concepts.

So Learn Salesforce like a kid as we all are kids to learn something new, so let's learn, help, share something which will help us to grow together with SalesforceKid learning platform.


  • Hey !! My name is Ajinkya Dhas. A few years ago, I am a skilled programmer in different web technologies, but during my engineering studies, I couldn’t write a single line of code. 
  • After some bad experiences, I again decided to kick start my career.  
  • Since then, I started learning salesforce with basics and the stuff which I share in the posts.
  • My mission is not to compete with other salesforces bloggers, I want to help those salesforce learners who failed in everything they tried with coding but still have some faith That "I CAN DO IT" 👊🏻. Yes!! my dear friend, If I can do it You can also do it. So let's learn salesforce together.
  • Now I’ve become a Salesforce Developer, where I build funny things like Salesforce apps, integrations, API's and Communities. It wasn't that easy to learn apex, visualforce, and business process automation but finally, I made it. Now It's time to contribute to the Salesforce community and help Salesforce beginners to grow.
  • Building this content so that salesforce kid like me can encourage others to learn salesforce. 

With only one mission -> Help Others To Help Yourself.







He is a Salesforce Consultant and Helping #SalesforceKid In Lightning Web Components ☁️⚡️Content To provide Useful and easy to understand posts.
With his lightning skills, he is helping this platform to be the best. 

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  1. Anonymous3/12/2019

    Awesome Job.
    Please keep inspiring!!

  2. Anonymous4/02/2019

    Great Work, everything in salesforce just becomes easy while referring this blog. keep adding new stuff.

  3. Excellent work!!...keep going.

  4. Great posts! Helps my confidence more to learn lightning with my apex and vf knowledge!



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